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Landowners Benefits

Economic Benefits

By enrolling marginal farmland, pastures, and other acres into GreenTrees’ program, landowners receive new and multiple income opportunities. Landowner participation requires simply watching your trees and investment grow together. 


Whether you are an individual, group or business landowner, you are eligible to receive:

  • Advance cash payments per acre

These provide immediate first-year income and help pay for necessary tree-planting costs.

  • Faster recreation income

With fast growing cottonwood trees, wildlife habitat develops quickly in the first few years.  This provides landowners the opportunity to lease their acres for hunting rights and enjoy the land for their own benefit.

  • More markets for timber income

Traditional timber income markets will still exist for harvested hardwoods; however, cottonwoods will offer an additional market for the cellulosic ethanol and biomass industries that are increasingly in need of new fiber supplies.  Landowners keep all tree-harvesting income created from their property for the life of the project.

  • Future carbon income as the trees mature

Dense and fast-growing trees created from GreenTrees produce higher quality, verifiable carbon credits, a commodity in growing in demand.

Recreational Benefits


  • Hunting Habitats

Hunting is a generational way of life for many residents of the Delta. Two key factors in enjoying hunting are time and quality wildlife habitat. GreenTrees provides both. Dense, fast-growing trees combined with slower growing, larger mixed hardwoods provide quality habitat for ducks, deer, and other wildlife.

  • Maximum Land Use

For many landowners, marginal farmland, pastures, and even some row crops don’t provide beneficial returns. GreenTrees is a land option that coordinates foresty, wildlife and conservation practices to maximize land values both in the short and long-term. It can also provide tax advantages and estate planning resources.

  • Less Time and Stress

Planting crops every year is rewarding work but it is time consuming and full of uncertainties beyond control such as fluctuating commodity market prices, weather extremes, and rising fuel and production costs. GreenTrees provides competitive economic returns with more reliability and less stress. Participating in GreenTrees is simple. GreenTrees manages the tree planting and monitors their growth and health, giving you the control in deciding how to spend the rest of your time.

  • A Lasting Legacy

GreenTrees offers landowners the comfort and knowledge that the forests they create today will remain in place for decades to come, preserving a legacy of conservation, environmental and wildlife stewardship.