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More Than Carbon

Did you know...
  • The Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley (LMAV) was once a 24.7 million acre complex of forested and emergent wetlands. Today more than 18 million acres, or 80% of the forested lands have been cleared, reducing natural flooding by 60%.

  • Biologists estimate that in just seven years, a cottonwood/hardwood interplanting forest in the LMAV would hold 200% more migratory birds.

  • The EPA estimates that a minimum of 12 tons of soil washes into the Gulf from every acre of cropland in the LMAV. A one-million-acre restored bottomland hardwood forest would prevent at least 12 million tons of soil run-off.

  • One million acres of restored bottomland hardwood forests in the LMAV could sequester enough carbon to fully offset all emissions from three coal-fired power plants within 15 years.

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