Investment Strategy: Buy big and sell small with velocity.

Carbon Credit Investment Profile

Green Trees partners with landowners to reforest lands. When we developed our planting approach, we looked to nature as our guide, mimicking what nature would do on her own over many years by compressing time and space. In our system, the faster the trees grow, the faster they earn a climate dividend. Utilizing our cottonwood hardwood interplanting, the landowner can grow a bottomland hardwood forest much faster.

Green Trees has built a mobile platform for both the consumer and business-facing sectors. This platform enables a price and value to be attributed and block chained linked to the growth of forests. Our Advance Carbon Restored Ecosystem (ACRE) mechanism sweeps up all the rights associated with the restoration and/or conservation of each physical acre of land. ACRE is becoming a currency more and more. Think of ACRE as a derivative unit from land that value appreciates over time. The ACRE mechanism becomes a tradable instrument, leading to more investment dollars flowing into this market.

Investment Profile: Buy big and sell small with velocity.

The key to buying big and selling small over the long haul is to own a long-term pipeline of credits where the investment price is structured on scale and leveled over time. Then, the flow of carbon can be sliced into small fractions of a ton, creating a volume of micro-transactions that scale up to a price of $50/ton or more.

Long-Term Shareholder Value

  • Environmental performance is increasingly seen as a “material risk” to shareholders.
  • 20% of all the invested capital on Wall Street is socially and environmentally screened.
  • Top companies are reporting their Scope I, II, and III emissions.
  • 2/3 of all Shareholder Resolutions in 2016 were on the environment.
  • The airline industry is regulating international emissions beginning in 2021. This will drive up offset demand significantly.