Media Kit

From Vision to Reality.

ACRE Investment Management was the vision of co-founders Chandler Van Voorhis and Carey Crane in 2003. Their goal was to create a business model that utilized natural technology (trees) to make an environmental solution to climate change profitable. Their combined experience includes private-public partnerships, conservation, ecosystem markets, fundraising, and governmental conservation programs making them the perfect partners for bringing their vision to scale. Under ACRE, the partners formed four companies that allow comprehensive focus on every aspect of their model. Today, seventeen years later, their vision has become the #1 reforestation program in the world “by credit issuance.” Using private lands and corporate funding, they have brought their vision to fruition.

How They Did It.

Their company Big River Nursery grows the millions of saplings that are planted. GreenTrees promotes, plants, and manages the new forests for more than 550 landowners. Conservation Plus offers a portfolio of conservation tools to landowners who want to integrate all the natural assets their property offers. The portfolio approach combines the power of carbon and nutrient markets with the tax incentives of conservation easements to slow development, and improve air and water qualities, still while making a profit. Their Forest Green company will allow everyone to participate in a program helping them offset their own carbon footprint through micro-transactions that, in turn, stimulates more tree planting.

What’s your Story?

Interest in solving the climate change dilemma is at an all-time high. Now, more than ever, corporations and individuals are motivated to act on the reduction of their carbon footprint. Last summer, trees were trending in National Geographic, Scientific American, The Wall Street Journal, and on the floor of Congress acting on The Trillion Trees Act sponsored by Rep. Bruce Westerman (R-AR.) We invite you to play in role in this national transformation that grows by the day. Many of your readers, especially those in the agricultural community, are looking for a positive light in the tunnel, and this will be the news they are waiting to hear.