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Interested in working with us?

One of the benefits our project brings to our partners is great flexibility in meeting your sustainability goals. Whether you are an individual looking to make an impact in the world of climate change or a company seeking opportunities to develop or grow your sustainability program we can develop an approach that will meet your needs. The four primary ways in which we work with our partners are outlined below.

Corporate Responsibility

Impress your board and shareholders with your next sustainability report by reporting not only a reduction in your corporate carbon footprint but also reporting impact in multiple biodiversity categories.   

Our past clients have reported their work with our project in at least four biodiversity categories, in addition to forestry.


We can also help you create an authentic and compelling story to share with your stakeholders, employees, and customers about your company's commitment to corporate responsibility.

Spot Sales

If you would like to reduce your carbon footprint entirely or in part with carbon offsets our domestic forestry carbon is a great way to do that.  A significant majority of the available forestry carbon in the United States is GreenTrees carbon so we can meet your offset needs with ease.  Examples of offsets include offsetting the carbon associated with shipping, travel, reduction of Scope 2 or 3 emissions, or simply your personal or company footprint.

Forward Sales

By contracting with GreenTrees for forward sales of carbon credits your company can ensure its ability to meet its short and longterm sustainability goals.  The permanence and scalability of forestry allow us the ensure that we can deliver carbon, as well as all of the other associated benefits, for years into the future.  Some of our current clients have agreements that will deliver them carbon between 8–10 years into the future.

Product Integration

Are you interested in using an existing, or new product, as a platform for effecting climate change, attracting socially responsible customers?  We can help you develop a program in which sales of your product, be it water, beer, soap, or hotel stays that will celebrate the social responsibility of your brand and make a positive impact on the environment at the same time.