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Carbon credit prices are rising dramatically.

Carbon credit prices have soared lately, providing property owners a unique chance to harness their natural resources and reap rewards in future returns. Discover the potential of leveraging your land’s assets with sustainable investments.


Richer, more diverse ecosystems for greater biodiversity. 


Generate new revenue streams through carbon income. 


Protects the ecosystem and reduces environmental degradation.


Create a legacy that can be passed down for generations to come.

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Plant a faster-growing forest.

Honey Brake Lodge

GreenTrees has taken an ambitious approach to conservation, turning a whopping 11,000 acres of soggy soil into verdant hardwoods. The result? 850,000 trees and 115 – 125 avian species taking up residence on the property! Not only that – about 450K ducks and geese come through for hunting season each year while deer are imported from the Upper Midwest and alligators can be found waiting for 120 lucky tag holders annually.

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Change the way trees are valued.

We can no longer afford to value a tree only when it is cut down. To address climate change, we must think less about preventing the destruction of forests and more about promoting their restoration to reverse the effects. Through our ecosystem marketplace, we create value in the planting of trees that can then let nature take its course, extending vitality to far more organisms than meet the eye.

At GreenTrees, we work shoulder to shoulder with landowners, serving as trusted advisors to help you create long-lasting prosperity from your land.

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Use your land to spend time with your family.

Join the more than 600 landowners who have become a part of GreenTrees and reaped financial and ecological rewards from growing world-class forests on marginal farmland bordering our great river systems.

When you enroll with GreenTrees, we plant a world-class forest, measure the growth annually, and convert the annual growth into carbon credits that are third-party verified. Once verified, we transact carbon credits to the marketplace. GreenTrees is a model land equity program where we split the carbon sales with our landowners. Money does not grow on trees, it grows in them. The faster the forest grows, the more carbon gets sequestered, the more carbon there is to sell.

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