Join the more than 500 landowners who have become a part of GreenTrees and reaped financial and ecological rewards from growing world-class forests on marginal farmland bordering our great river systems.

When you enroll with GreenTrees, we plant a world-class forest, measure the growth annually, and convert the annual growth into carbon credits that are third-party verified. Once verified, we transact carbon credits to the marketplace. GreenTrees is a model land equity program where we split the carbon sales with our landowners. Money does not grow on trees, it grows in them. The faster the forest grows, the more carbon gets sequestered, the more carbon there is to sell.

GreenTrees reforestation project is designed to help sustainability-minded corporations give back to our planet in the fight to reverse climate change.

We are at a tipping point in our global fight to end the climate crisis. Corporations all over the world can be a part of the solution by investing directly in restoring our nation’s forests. In addition to boosting their sustainability practices, reducing waste and pollution, and developing more earth-friendly processes, our carbon asset program helps companies give back in the most tangible way to restoring our environment.

Their Story is Our Story.

Land owners can earn money for every tree planted on land that would otherwise have been empty or unused. The benefits, financial and otherwise, accumulate significantly over time. Read the stories of other landowners in the program.

Change the way trees are valued.

Building a Long Term Asset

We can no longer afford to value a tree only when it is cut down. To address climate change, we must think less about preventing the destruction of forests and more about promoting their restoration to reverse the effects. Through our ecosystem marketplace, we create value in the planting of trees that can then let nature take its course, extending vitality to far more organisms than meet the eye.

Remove carbon from the air.

Impact on the Environment

The impact on our environment over 15 years on over 1 million acres: 6,040,000 trees planted, 1,200,000 tons of CO2 sequestered, over 40 species of habitat restored, 654,000,000 liters of water stored.

Let Your Story Become Our Story

Our foresters in the field oversee the enrollment of acres, plantings, forest growth patterns, quality control issues, and landowner relations—all with great personal care. Learn more about how to get started.