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Purchasing Carbon Removal
Tons from GreenTrees

With a 99.6% market share for US reforestation credits across all registries, GreenTrees is the provider of high-integrity nature-based removals.

GREENTREES by the numbers

The Global Leader in Reforestation Carbon Credits

GreenTrees is the largest U.S. Reforestation project with a 99.64% market share of ex post facto vital credits issued to date. GreenTrees accounts for 44% of all U.S. voluntary credits and 11% of global credits, not including REDD+. GreenTrees has invested and/or distributed over $100mil in a public/private partnership model. Our programmatic approach helps to ensure project performance.

  • Registry: American Carbon Registry
  • Nature Based Type: Removal (Afforestation/Reforestation)
  • Approach: Programmatic Aggregation
  • Geography: US South
  • Total Acres: 133,000+
  • Number of Parcels: 600+
  • Total Tons: 6,293,482
  • Eligibility: CORSIA Eligible


Trees Planted by GreenTrees and Our Landowners


Tonnes of CO2e Permanently removed

32.4 million

Estimated Future Tonnes CO2E from Existing Acres by 2062


Liters of Water Stored in the Forested Ecosystem

Using Nature Based Removals to Combat Climate Change

According to the scientists of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a body of the United Nations, the only way to prevent a catastrophic 1.5- degree global mean temperature increase is by both reducing emissions and scaling up carbon removals. It is not “either-or” but “and plus.” GreenTrees is the leading nature based removal solution. Unlike nature-based reductions and mechanical reductions and removals, nature based removals are the most scalable, effective way to reach our climate goals. 

Nature Based Reductions

Credits in this category are defined by the future carbon sequestered as a result of a management change by an existing forest. For example, Redd+ credits are issued to projects that elect not to clear cut forests for agriculture.

Nature Based Removals

Nature Based Removals are credits that are issued following the establishment and growth of newly planted trees. A land use change is necessary; such as a conversion from agricultural practices to reforestation. Once the trees establish themselves, their growth is measured and verified, leading to issuance of credits.

Mechanical Reductions

One piece of carbon capture and storage are mechanical reductions. This practice can be anywhere from retrofitting factory smokestacks with machines that trap new carbon emissions as they are released; or, making transportation logistics changes within supply chains to reduce emissions.

Mechanical Removals

Mechanical removals involve direct air capture machines that ingest massive amounts of open air and then separating the carbon dioxide before shooting it underground to be stored. This practice removes existing carbon emissions from the air, rather than reducing new emissions released into the atmosphere.
Greentrees by the numbers

The Growth of GreenTrees

As a programmatic aggregator, GreenTrees is structured as a pool of landowners that grow in two ways — 1) as the trees grow year over year and 2) as new lands enter the pool. Because of our structure, GreenTrees has never had a reversal in its 20-year history, ensuring the highest level of permanence, atmospheric impact, and integrity.

For a reversal to happen in the GreenTrees Project, the pool of assets would have to go negative year over year. Unlike most projects where various risks could occur, creating a single point of failure, our programmatic aggregator approach creates an insurance mechanism through the structure. While there could be various impacts on individual GreenTrees lands over time, the impacts of such would mean the pool only grew by so much.

Experienced. Vetted. Trusted.

Our Longstanding Commitment to Climate Solutions

We forged this market over two decades ago with the mission of leveraging private capital to bring climate mitigation and conservation to scale. This vocation was predicated on the understanding that climate change poses a serious risk to our ecosystems, our supply chains, and ultimately, ourselves. As citizens, stakeholders, and innovators, we all have a responsibility to support the most scalable science-based solutions to answer this challenge. GreenTrees is proud of the monumental progress we’ve made in this effort so far, and we will continue to leverage our enduring market leadership, unparalleled experience, strong reputational integrity, and extensive investor network to aggressively and securely develop this goal further as we aim to build 1 million acres of restored forest in the MAV.