Carbon Offset Purchasing

Offsetting carbon usage involves multiple partners working in harmony to bring about change on a global scale.

Launching the Next Level of Scale for Organizations Looking to Offset and Neutralize their Carbon Output

The GreenTrees carbon creation method links finance, philanthropy, licensing, and crowdfunding. Depending on the structure, the TreeFund can secure “off-taker” carbon commitments that fund reforestation as well as front end “tree money” with carbon. Our River System Approach is capable of being implemented on a global basis. Such a licensing process, with tools of intellectual property and training, could diversify the planting “regimen” we use.

In addition, there are opportunities ahead to tap into small individual transactions through the growth of crowdfunding, particularly as it combines with blockchain’s distributed, capitalism model.

Carbon Sequestration Process

Corporations all over the world can be a part of the solution by investing directly in restoring our nation’s forests.

In addition to boosting their sustainability practices, reducing waste and pollution, and developing more earth-friendly processes, our carbon asset program helps companies give back in the most tangible way to restoring our environment.

Climate Mitigation Benefits

GreenTrees Carbon Credit Purchasers

Carbon Investment Profile

GreenTrees partners with landowners to reforest lands. When we developed our planting approach, we looked to nature as our guide, mimicking what nature would do on her own over many years by compressing time and space. In our system, the faster the trees grow, the faster they earn a climate dividend. Utilizing our cottonwood hardwood interplanting, the landowner can grow a bottomland hardwood forest much faster.

GreenTrees has built a mobile platform for both the consumer and business-facing sectors. This platform enables a price and value to be attributed and block chained linked to the growth of forests. Our Advanced Carbon Restored Ecosystem (ACRE) mechanism sweeps up all the rights associated with the restoration and/or conservation of each physical acre of land. ACRE is becoming a currency more and more. Think of ACRE as a derivative unit from land that value appreciates over time. The ACRE mechanism becomes a tradable instrument, leading to more investment dollars flowing into this market.

Let Your Story Become Our Story

Our foresters in the field oversee the enrollment of acres, plantings, forest growth patterns, quality control issues, and landowner relations—all with great personal care. Learn more about how to get started.