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Landowner Reforestation Enrollment

Landowner Options

A Win-Win Opportunity for Landowners

Get started today with no out-of-pocket expense!

Are you a landowner interested in growing a greener future? GreenTrees partners with landowners to get the most benefit out from their reforestation projects. There is no out-of-pocket expense to the landowner. Get in touch with our Landowner Representatives to review the land qualification process. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Our team prequalifies your land. You review the program details and sign up. GreenTrees takes care of the planting and verifications. All you have to do is get paid!

When it comes to your land, you have options. 

Year 1 - 15

Fixed Annual Payments

$20 Per Acre: Years 1 – 5

$30 Per Acre: Years 6 – 10

$40 Per Acre: Years 11 – 15


50% Carbon Income

(Payment of 50% carbon credit value from year one to fifteen)

Year 16 - 40

Timber Income

(No Carbon Income)


50% Carbon Income

(No hardwood thinning)

According to an October 26, 2020 report by the United Nations Principle for Responsible Investment, by 2050, nature-based solutions focused on afforestation and reforestation could generate $800 billion annually, more than the current market capitalization of the oil and gas majors.