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GreenTrees brings to landowners the opportunity to reap economical, environmental, and recreational benefits from their land by partnering with them to plant forests, measure the carbon captured by those forests, and sell that carbon, creating an additional income stream.


Partnering with GreenTrees provides landowners the opportunity to safeguard the rural character of their community while contributing to the restoration of a regional ecosystem that impacts the local and global community.

The Process


GreenTrees has two programs. First, GreenTrees will shepherd landowners interested in transitioning open space to forest through the process from enrollment to site prep to planting. Second, GreenTrees can bring to market carbon that has accumulated on lands enrolled in CRP or WRP in the last several years.

How it works

We strongly believe in aligning our interest with that of our landowners. Carbon proceeds are split 50/50 after buffer requirements and transaction expenses.

Carbon Process

As the tons of carbon are verified and registered, GreenTrees is free to transact with buyers. Since 2008 GreenTrees has sold 2.5 million tons of carbon through both forward and spot sales. Our clients include: United Airlines, Norfolk Southern, Duke Energy, entertainment companies, engineering firms, and many others.

“As you know, one of my goals is to help facilitate tree planting on the Delta. The GreenTrees program is helping to increase the number of acres of trees being planted because it offers landowners something in addition to what regular CRP program offers…It has been refreshing to work with someone that conducts business in such a professional and honest manner, and is so highly motivated to help landowners reach their goals in the planting projects…[W]e appreciate the way you conduct business. 

—Robert J. Zielinske, District Forester, D-3, Arkansas Forestry Commission

What Our Partners Say