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October 6, 2022

GreenTrees Announces $8.2M Distribution to Landowner Partners Through Nature-Based Carbon Removal Credit Program


The economic impact of distribution benefits disadvantaged areas of the U.S., including some of the country’s most impoverished counties

THE PLAINS, Va. – October 11, 2022 – GreenTrees, the market leader in reforestation and carbon removal in the U.S., today announced the largest monetary distribution in the organization’s history to farmers and landowners in the Mississippi Delta region. GreenTrees’ landowner partners received the highest income distribution ever for its nature-based carbon removal credits generated from reforestation projects. Of the total $8.2 million distributed, the average payout to each landowner was more than $12,000 and $60.91 per acre.

GreenTrees partners with more than 600 landowners totaling more than 130,000 acres of forest in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley, Virginia and neighboring areas in the Southeastern U.S. Working with GreenTrees, reforestation efforts to plant hardwood forests generate carbon removal credits that are sold to organizations and individuals that want to offset their carbon emissions. The majority of GreenTrees’ projects are situated in historically disadvantaged parts of the country, and funds from the carbon removal credits serve as a viable source of income for landowners. In addition to the economic impact, GreenTrees’ carbon removal projects to date have removed more than six million metric tons of carbon from the Earth’s atmosphere.

“The largest distribution to landowners in GreenTrees’ history is a testament to the mindset shift we are seeing that prioritizes sustainable practices and action to fight the climate crisis – we are finally placing a value on nature,” said Chandler Van Voorhis, co-founder and managing partner of GreenTrees. “Beyond the environmental benefits of our reforestation programs, the $8.2 million generated from carbon removal credits has a profound economic impact on the Mississippi Alluvial Valley region, bringing a steady source of income to residents of an economically disadvantaged area of the U.S.”

GreenTrees works with both individuals and organizations on reforestation projects ranging from as little as 10 to more than 3,500 acres. The significance of the check received by Chad Soprano, a landowner in New Roads, Louisiana, for the 509 acres he has enrolled with GreenTrees since 2020 is causing him to seriously weigh adding new acres to those he has already planted with GreenTrees.

“The carbon credit is great, and it helps to keep the land in the family and pass it down,” said Soprano. “Landowning is expensive with taxes and maintenance, but with the GreenTrees program I’m looking to one day buy more land and plant more trees for carbon capture.”

View below for detailed data on GreenTrees’ reforestation projects by county and the payments made to landowners.

About GreenTrees

GreenTrees is the market leader in reforestation and carbon removal in the U.S. A model land equity program for landowners, GreenTrees generates the largest number of forestry carbon removal credits in the U.S. The only carbon removal program open to both small and large landowners, GreenTrees engages individual landowners to plant forests, measure the growth annually and convert the annual growth into carbon credits. All carbon credits in GreenTrees’ projects undergo a rigorous verification process by the American Carbon Registry and are accepted by global environmental markets as the highest standard for quality in nature-based carbon removals. Wholly owned by ACRE Investment Management, LLC, GreenTrees has engaged 600+ landowners ranging from 10 to 3,500+ acres and planted 130,000+ acres of forests that have removed more than six million metric tons of carbon from the Earth’s atmosphere; these existing planted acres will remove a projected 30 million metric tons over the next 40 years; additional plantings will grow carbon removal capacity significantly as GreenTrees’ parent company’s affiliate platform company, ACRE IO, will accelerate planting velocity for GreenTrees and other independent projects. Fortune 500 companies trust GreenTrees’ carbon credits to meet sustainability goals and combat climate change. For more information about GreenTrees, visit https://stagegreentree.wpengine.com/.