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July 16, 2020

GreenTrees Pays Out Over $2 Million in Company’s Largest Check Distribution to Date


THE PLAINS, Va., July 15, 2020 – GreenTrees, a global leader in reforestation and carbon banking, has recently paid out in excess of $2 million to Mississippi Delta farmers and landowners in the largest check distribution to date for the company.

Established in 2003, C2I, GreenTrees parent company, began building the GreenTrees reforestation model. This model would work with landowners to generate carbon credits from more than 40 million trees growing on more than 120,000 acres located throughout the Mississippi Delta. With the positive growth of the market, GreenTrees is working to expand its landowner base to meet the growing demand.

“We’re seeing unprecedented growth in the demand for carbon credits as businesses look to offset their carbon footprints while simultaneously responding to the concerns of sustainability-minded customers and investors. The lift in demand is driving the price of carbon higher and, in addition to the obvious environmental rewards, Delta farmers and landowners are the principal beneficiaries,” said Chandler Van Voorhis, Managing Partner of GreenTrees. “The future of the carbon reforestation market is very promising.”

GreenTrees sells carbon credits to businesses like high tech data centers and international airlines, then shares the revenue checks periodically through the year with their partnering landowners. GreenTrees has become the largest reforestation project in the world by credit issuance and has earned the attention of Rep. Bruce Westerman (R-Ark) sponsor of the Trillion Trees Act promoting trees as a natural solution to climate change.