• First Project Validated under American Carbon Registry Forestry Standard 1.0 and 2.1
  • First forest carbon project approved and registered by American Carbon Registry
  • Nearly 100,000 acres under management in the Mississippi Delta
  • Over 36 million trees planted
  • Over 2 Million tons of carbon credits under contract with another 12 Million tons in the pipeline
  • Largest Supplier of Reforestation Carbon Credits in North America

GreenTrees®, delivering the Currency of Conservation

GreenTrees® delivers the Currency of Conservation. We start with our innovative tree planting approach, grow the forest to produce carbon, and then lets the carbon become the base for a series of forest assets – biodiversity, air, and water – we call it ACRE (Advanced Carbon Restored Ecosystem).

Forests are nature’s cathedrals, and we cement a legacy and turn out sustainability credits for investors seeking the best in credentials for their work. To date, GreenTrees ® has over 2 million tons of carbon credits under contract for Fortune 500 companies, making GreenTrees® the leading reforestation carbon company in North America.