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reforesting Your Land with GreenTrees

Landowner Benefits


Layers of Value in a GreenTrees Forest

There are multiple benefits to a GreenTrees forest. As the trees grow, not only do you have an appreciating asset, but you have chance for timber income, higher carbon income, and increased biodiversity and hunting rights. Our optimization approach enables you to receive carbon income in the earlier years and timber thinning over time. The design of our interplanting approach not only gets your forest up quickly but also trains the slower-growing hardwoods to grow up and straight. This, in turn, produces more valuable timber that one day will generate long-term asset value.
Building a long-term asset

Changing the way trees are valued

As pioneers in the growth of forest creation, we are framing Nature’s gifts of trees and carbon for business and the public good. In the spirit of the coming forest revolution, we are organizing the right principles to honor and protect a more liberating future for all.

We provide access to carbon markets otherwise inaccessible to small and medium landowners. GreenTrees offers risk mitigation to landowners through pooled aggregation. By pooling hundreds of tracts together into one project, GreenTrees protects individual landowners’ carbon income from the verification process’s high costs.

GreenTree’s model allows landowners to see more metric tons of carbon – in the first years, this means increased carbon yield and better timber. Our decades of expertise in planting design are there for you as you plant and grow the new forest. Our planting model uses cottonwood trees to train hardwood trees to grow straighter and stronger, giving you more income for healthier trees.

Most of all, we are answering climate change through a revolution in reforestation. Setting the pace, GreenTrees sees a continuous upward cycle of forest creation ahead. It’s a cause bigger than we are.

Our aim for you is a world-class forest that becomes a savings account, a 40-year annuity in effect, a legacy for grandchildren, and helps restore one of America’s most beautiful river bottoms – the Mississippi Delta. There are even more financial opportunities for landowners who add new lands or act as finders for new acres and participants.