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About GreenTrees

A More Purposeful Union

Repairing the past and growing the future.

Our Mission. To bring scale to conservation by putting a price and value on natural capital and by linking the biological world to the transactional marketplace.

As the three currents merge into the River of America, the dawn of a more purposeful union is underway. From the first stirrings of a nation to a country navigating the choppy waters of accelerated growth to the regulatory state of today, we are ushering in the Age of Natural Capitalism where conservation has a purpose and capitalism a heart. At that intersection is the notion of building equity. For centuries, we have understood the tilling of the land, but we have only faintly grasped how the cultivation of character deepens the soil of the mind and spirit.


Driving global climate impact at local scale.

Over our 20-year history we have never had a reversal thanks to our innovative interplanting approach.

GreenTrees is the largest reforestation program in the United States, supplying 99.6% of all US ex post facto carbon credits and 44% of all voluntary credits issued to date. With two decades of leadership in the voluntary carbon market, we are the undisputed top provider of high integrity nature-based carbon removals in the United States. GreenTrees has invested over $100 million in our public-private partnership with landowners to restore forest ecosystems and drive rural economic growth at scale. 

Our more than 600 reforestation projects are pooled through a programmatic aggregation model that acts as an insurance mechanism for our carbon assets. Over our 20-year history we have never had a reversal thanks to this approach. As the supplier of the highest integrity carbon removals in the reforestation market, GreenTrees is the universal standard-setter for permanence, additionality, and verified carbon removal. 

Carey Crane


Chandler Van Voorhis

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Gordon Smith

Chief Product Officer

Kathy Sarich


Avery Hughes

Land Specialist

Andrew Richards

Head of Virginia Enrollment Partnering for GreenTrees

Robert Banner

Sr. Project Manager

Anthony Woods

Administrative Assistant

awards and endorsements

Industry Recognition

Industry Awards
  • 2018 Innovation Award by American Carbon Registry
  • 2014 and 2015 Runner-Up in Best Forestry Program by Environmental Finance
  • 2010 Innovation Award by American Carbon Registry
  • 2009 Southern Governor’s Innovation Award
  • First Forestry Project verified by American Carbon Registry
  • Largest carbon reforestation project in the world
  • Market leader for carbon reforestation verified credits in the USA

Partners in Reforestation