Benefits of GreenTrees Planting Design

  • Expedites tree growth
  • Accelerates carbon sequestration
  • Maximizes use of the reforestation site (more trees per acre)
  • Improves tree quality
  • Promotes higher survivability
  • Enables faster cash flow
  • Stimulates recreational income opportunities within 1-2 years
  • Provides rapid growth of biomass and pulp tonnage for both markets
  • Establishes quality wildlife habitat quickly for both game and non-game species

Bending the Curve

Combining our reforestation design, which gives us processing power, and our nursery, which gives us the capacity for scale, we can grow a hardwood forest 8 times faster than any other design. Think of our design as the microprocessor for the Reforestation of Bottomland Hardwoods. Our interplanting approach increases carbon uptake by a factor of 6 to 8 times faster over 15 years, bending the S Curve of Growth.

  • Closed canopy within 4 years

  • Winter bird community differences after 7 growing seasons

  • Interplanting delivers twice the bird population compared to hardwood alone

Let Your Story Become Our Story

Our foresters in the field oversee the enrollment of acres, plantings, forest growth patterns, quality control issues, and landowner relations—all with great personal care. Learn more about how to get started.

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