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reforesting Your Land with GreenTrees

Innovative Planting Design for Faster Growing Forests


Benefits of GreenTrees Tree Planting Design

GreenTrees Tree Planting Design has numerous benefits. It expedites growth of trees and accelerates carbon sequestration, maximizing the use of the reforestation site with more trees per acre. Additionally, it improves tree quality and increases their survivability, enabling faster cash flow. People can quickly benefit from recreational income opportunities with GreenTrees within 1-2 years and rapidly obtain growth in biomass and pulp tonnage for both markets. Finally, it quickly provides quality wildlife habitat for game and non-game species.


  • 302 pioneering species interplanted with 302 mixed hardwoods on each acre
  • Utilizing pioneering species  and hardwood interplanting, GreenTrees generates:
    • Carbon
    • Biomass
    • Conservation
  • Creating multiple income events for the landowner