The term of our contract is 40 years with rights to monitor the carbon sold for 40 years. At the end of the GreenTrees contract term, landowners can extend for another 40 years.

Your obligations are to preserve the growing trees on your property and to allow GreenTrees annual access to the property so that we can verify and monitor their growth.

In most cases, GreenTrees does not enroll any tracts smaller than 5 acres.

The GreenTrees lease is a recorded right in your county courthouse that allows monitoring access for 40 years. We measure, verify, and sell carbon credits on growing trees. Landowners keep their land, still own the trees, and receive a 50% share of the credits their land generates.

GreenTrees focuses on reforestation. Existing timberland may qualify as Improved Forest Management carbon. For details, contact Colin Fraser at (540) 253-2513.

Your carbon income will depend on how fast your trees are growing and on the market price for the credits that are generated. In 2019, GreenTrees landowners averaged $38 dollars per acre in income. The company also relies on credit sales; we don’t make any money until you do! 

Check out our GreenTrees calculator to see more!

If you have land that has been recently planted, contact Colin Fraser, Landowner Relations, to determine if the land is eligible. You can reach him at colin@green-trees.com or (540) 253-2513.

Any land where the owner would like to convert from farmland to hardwood forest adding another revenue stream to their property.