When a farmer tells me, ‘this is a good program, I’m doing well,’ that’s a pretty strong statement. It’s the most successful carbon sequestration program in the United States because it works.

– Charlie Morgan, State Forester for Mississippi

A New Approach to Optimize Multiple Incomes

Typically forest carbon deals tries to maximize carbon. GreenTrees takes a different approach by optimizing carbon revenues with timber income and still deliver conservation. Utilizing our proprietary cottonwood and hardwood interplanting method, GreenTrees generates carbon, biomass, and conservation, creating multiple income events for the landowner.

Our optimization approach enables you to receive carbon income in the earlier years and timber thinning over time.

Turning Trees into Income

Landowners receive:

  • A faster forest and habitat

  • 3 points of Cottonwood harvest income at year 10, 17, and 25

  • 3 points of Hardwood harvest income at year 35, 45, and 55

  • 50% of the carbon and ecological income sold by GreenTrees

Let Your Story Become Our Story

Our foresters in the field oversee the enrollment of acres, plantings, forest growth patterns, quality control issues, and landowner relations—all with great personal care. Learn more about how to get started.

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