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reforesting Your Land with GreenTrees

The ACRE Approach to Reforesting Your Land

Our Approach to Reforestation

A New Approach to Optimizing Your Land

GreenTrees has developed a revolutionary system to help landowners maximize profits from their property. Our method interweaves cottonwood and hardwood trees, allowing the landowner to generate carbon credit income while still gaining long-term timber thinning proceeds – giving multiple streams of revenue in both early years as well as farther down the line! With GreenTree’s innovative approach you can achieve substantial success with conserving natural landscapes, all whilst also receiving significant financial rewards.

Multiple Ways to Earn Income From Your Forest

Landowners have the opportunity to transform their forests into an income source with GreenTrees! With this program, they will benefit from faster forest and habitat growth as well as three harvests of Cottonwood at years 10, 17 and 25 for additional revenue. Similarly there are Hardwood harvest opportunities available at years 35, 45 and 55. 

The ACRE Approach

Why Nature Based Solutions: ACRE, or Advanced Carbon Restored Ecosystem, is a new currency for conservation. ACRE houses all the ecological and conservation attributes associated with the restoration or conservation of one physical acre of property. Not just carbon, ACRE is also water storage credits, biodiversity credits, nutrient credits, and so forth. Ultimately, ACRE is about multiplying the assets of a forest to build equity into the planet.

The ACRE acronym represents our universe of forest values.

  • A = Advanced Tree Geometry (production technology)
  • C = Carbon (creation and market)
  • R = Restored Biodiversity (direct forest values)
  • E = Ecosystem and Water (indirect values)

The ACRE as a product flows out, in sequence and pricing structure from production (creation values), to permanence (market values), to premium or depth add-ons (direct values), to penetrations outside the forest (indirect values). There are various spread points among these assets in the making:

Advanced Carbon Restored Ecosystem
Advanced Tree Geometry

A is the product technology, or cottonwood. It grows in front of the forest, and is funded there. Cottonwood is a forest builder and carbon creator. The cottonwood tree is the thread that gives all parts of our value chain a unified, compelling, highly directed, and clear sense of purpose. It is the central driver of 1) our nursery multiplication, 2) tree growth, and 3) carbon volume.

The cottonwood invokes the ethical power of our mission and tells the whole forestation story very simply. As carbon creation and asset storage in the nursery integrate more closely to GreenTrees, our program can increasingly fuse cuttings, acres and carbon design and delivery. There should be more forestry efficiencies from the integration points. And down the chain bridging of assets should improve up the chain carbon yields, production tons, and volume results.


C is the carbon that creates the forest permanence, and the other forest values, direct and indirect. Carbon has long-term housing and retention costs. Carbon, rooted in property, is the first asset in the waterfall in ACRE and creates a permanence and accountability throughout the restoration process.

Restored Biodiversity

R is the reforestation premium coming with the forest. The forest’s positive values are water (saving) and biodiversity.

The Mississippi River, one of nature’s most impressive geological formations, simultaneously divides and unifies the country. As a commercial corridor, the Mississippi only stands to grow as a strategic nexus for world trade—connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans with deep ports being constructed East and West of its mouth.

The River is rich within its banks in history, adventure, lore, multinational settlement posts, and commerce across the country and the world. But mostly, it is America’s Amazon—the chief architect of our national biodiversity.

Our nature-based solution will help in restoring the natural biodiversity surrounding the Mississippi River, which provides habitat for countless species, including birds, fish, mammals, and other organisms that exist in nature.

Ecosystem and Water

E is the penetration, or ability of the forest to repair the environment outside it through indirect ecological impacts on surrounding land and water.

The Mississippi River has one of the most complex ecosystems in the world. The surrounding ecosystem and waterways benefit tremendously from a regenerated forest. Our reforestation project will bring about welcome changes to the ecosystem as well as help purify the water.