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the greentrees project

Project Details

GREENTREES by the numbers

The Global Leader in Reforestation Carbon Credits

GreenTrees is a leading nature based solutions project and the largest U.S. Reforestation project with a 99.7% market share of ex post facto vital credits issued to date. In fact, GreenTrees is the largest nature based voluntary carbon project in the US. GreenTrees has invested and/or distributed over $100mil in a public/private partnership model. Our programmatic approach helps to ensure project performance.

Project Details
  • Current Verification: Vintages 2022/2021
  • Current Verifier: Aster Global Environmental Solutions, Inc.
  • Cumulative Metric Tons: 7,792,791
    (Including Current Verification)
  • Total Buffered Metric Tons: 1,421,080
    (Including Current Verification)
  • Total Acres Verified: 136,650.40
  • Number of Landowners: 600+
  • Range of Size: 7 acres to 3,500