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reforesting Your Land with GreenTrees

Why Forests


When we plant trees, we plant hope.

Reforestation is the most scalable, deployable technology for repairing the past and growing the future. When we plant trees, we plant hope. One-third of all global carbon emissions since 1750 have come from land-use change or deforestation. 

There is science behind both the urgency to reverse climate change and the ability of forestry to do so. A recent study commissioned by C2I, the parent company of GreenTrees, states that reforestation brought to scale around the world can sequester 5.5 gigatons and reduce Global Mean Temperature by 0.2℃ in absolute terms. This is a 10% solution to a 2℃. As the world races to prevent a 2℃ rise in GMT, reforestation is the only immediately scalable solution.

Let’s bend the climate curve together by planting hope. Given that one-third of all the emissions have come from deforestation, it only makes sense that we embrace the power of nature to restore ecosystems around the world and do it on scale.

The technology of nature.

Reforestation and afforestation are the most cost-effective and scalable technologies to reverse climate change.

Forests function as an ecological technology that intrinsically tends towards scale. GreenTrees harnesses and amplifies this existing technology through our proprietary interplanting regime and superior planting stock genetics, which together yield a mature forest 2-4x faster than conventional forestry methods, all while still maximizing carbon sequestration and co-benefit provision. We compress time and space to increase average forest carbon per acre on an expedited timeline for immediate, tangible impact.