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reforesting Your Land with GreenTrees

Flood and Drought Replanting

The Reboot (Replanting) Program Helps Mississippi Landowners at No Cost

As part of our commitment to stand with our landowners, GreenTrees is excited to unveil our Drought and Flood Replanting Initiative. We will be replanting and restoring enrolled properties that have experienced high tree mortality due to drought and flooding. A replanted stand of trees will produce more carbon income, better wildlife habitat, and eventually more timber thinning revenue. Initial outreach has shown strong interest in replanting damaged tracts and now we are asking our landowners to assess their land for acres that may qualify for a replant.

  • Qualified Land – GreenTrees landowners whose enrolled land was planted but now has a tree survival rate that is 50% or less are eligible for the Replanting Initiative. The replanting program includes hardwood seedlings – a combination of mixed oaks, sweetgum, ash, hackberry, persimmon, and sweet pecan trees.
    To qualify, properties must not be overgrown with weeds, bushes, or shrubs. This will give the new seedlings the best possible probability of survival.
  • Costs – Replanting will be done will be at NO COST to the landowner. Our offer to add seedlings will be contingent upon GreenTrees foresters inspecting the site, writing a planting plan, and getting the necessary USDA approval for CRP and WRP tracts.
  • How to Get Started – Email acre@acre-investment.com if you have areas that you believe may qualify. Please include photos representative of the damaged area and locations (coordinates and/or a map) as well as an approximate acreage of the affected area. We want to reiterate – GreenTrees personnel will do all of the necessary work once an area is identified as acceptable for replanting and approved by GreenTrees.


“To me, reboot (replanting) efforts are there to make a positive impact on local ecology and serve as a way to follow through with our commitment to plant a healthy timber stand, whatever the expense.” Steve Burgess, GreenTrees forester