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GreenTrees is reforesting one million acres of marginal farmland in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley.  To date we have planted over 42 million trees on 120,000 acres, in partnership with private landowners.  The tree plantings have generated millions of tons of verified carbon credits that are registered on the American Carbon Registry (ACR).  Those credits account for the vast majority of domestic forestry credits ever registered on the voluntary market.


However, GreenTrees’ project is about much more than generating carbon credits. One-third of all emissions have come from land-use change, namely deforestation.  By reforesting land GreenTrees is helping to bend the climate curve, restore species habitat, clean the water, and support the local and global economy. Trees are nature’s technology, the only readily deployable and scalable solution to climate change.  With every ton of carbon that is sold trees are planted, partnerships are formed, and the Earth is made a better, cleaner, place.

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2009 Southern Governors Innovation Award
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