GreenTrees Becomes World’s 11th Largest Forestry Project

The Plains, VA–August 3, 2020–GreenTrees, the global leader in reforestation, has just completed its largest verification, capturing over 1.6 million metric tons of carbon credits from aggregated lands. This latest issuance makes GreenTrees the 11th largest forestry project globally and the world’s largest reforestation project regardless of compliance or voluntary markets among the leading registries. To date, GreenTrees has been issued over 5 million metric tons of carbon credits.

“When you look at the world’s largest carbon projects, GreenTrees is the only one that is reforestation and the only one that is aggregating small and medium landowners,” says Chandler Van Voorhis, Manager, and Co-Founder of GreenTrees, LLC.

“With land from over 550 owners, the project demonstrates how carbon markets can work for the average landowner,” says Van Voorhis. “The market hasn’t always been fair to landowners with small to medium-sized lands, but our program has landowners with as low as 7 acres and up to 1,700 acres, all of them seeing the value on their property go up and collecting revenue.” 

Of the 1.6 million metric tons, a portion of the credits is CORSIA eligible, making it the first known CORSIA eligible reforestation carbon credits. 

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Chandler Van Voorhis

Chandler Van Voorhis is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of ACRE Investment Management (, recipient of the 2002 ChevronTexaco Conservation Award and a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America.

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