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The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you never expect to sit.

For many years, our economy has not rewarded the natural assets around us. But as the balance of the earth’s resources shrinks, amidst a steadily higher level of human consumption and overall growth in the world population, technology alone will not supplant extractive resources quickly enough to be beneficial to the health of the planet.

At GreenTrees, we take a long-term view. Our optimization approach enables you to receive carbon income in the earlier years and timber thinning over time. The design of our interplanting approach not only gets your forest up quickly, it trains the slower-growing hardwoods to grow up and straight. This, in turn, produces a more valuable timber that one day will generate long-term asset value for your grandkids.

Historically, timber has been an excellent investment asset class as it has a low correlation to stocks and bonds. Smart investors invest in timber to diversify their investment holdings. Even smarter ones build new timber assets for the future.