Catfish Lunch and Reforestation in the Arkansas Delta

“We are helping the environment, and our family.”

Mr. Lee Williams, a GreenTrees family member, added just 33 acres to our reforestation efforts. After the Civil War, Lee Williams’ great grandfather acquired a parcel of land in Desha County, Arkansas, where he spent years farming the property to provide for his growing family.

Today, Lee has passed that land down to his son, Pettis Williams, and has entrusted GreenTrees to offer sound guidance and perspective to Pettis and his family moving forward.

Lee signed his contract over a Sunday catfish lunch in the Arkansas delta.

Upon signing, GreenTrees received a handwritten deed that described the property and impressed upon us the incredible legacy we at GreenTrees were invited to play a part. Both Lee and Pettis are absentee landowners living in Texas and are thrilled to have local oversight. In the fray of market-driven policy, let us be ever mindful of why we began this journey.

“In the fray of market-driven policy, let us be ever mindful of why we began this journey.”

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Colin Fraser

Colin joined ACRE in April to handle the important interface between each landowner, their individual situations, and the programs we offer. He graduated from The University of Virginia in 2010 with BA in History and spent the next decade in the horse industry. As a rider, trainer, and farm manager, Colin developed the agricultural knowledge and communication skills that are integral to landowner recruitment and communication. Colin is passionate about environmental issues and has a huge appetite for learning more about the ecosystems around him.

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