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The Impact of Reforestation

Planting trees will bend the climate curve and change the face of America’s Amazon.

What Do Our Forests Mean for the Land?

Partnering with GreenTrees does more than generate an income. Growing trees does not deplete land or extract from it. Instead, it heals land and the benefits are shared. Partnering with GreenTrees also gives landowners a way to take a more active role in rehabilitating their land – and grow in their own love, care, and loyalty to it.

A growing forest will continue to benefit future generations as a natural asset. New Forests are the largest natural benefit to the planet we live in today, and a huge coming priority for America and the world!

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See how much can be accomplished when reforestation and climate mitigation efforts are combined and scaled. Each new 10,000 acres delivers:

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Job Creation

Tree planting (or reforestation) is never about the now. It is about the future and the unfolding story of creation. In the process of building equity into the landscape of life, we transform ourselves by aligning our aspirations to our deeds. Heidi Garrett-Peltier and Robert Pollin, University of Massachusetts Political Economy and Research Institute found reforestation to be the biggest job creation generator of all industries per $1 million dollars invested.

Jobs Created Per $1Mil Investment
Jobs and Restoration